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Pan Am Communications has just upgraded its facility to better serve our clients.  We now feature Avid Media Composer® 1000XL in an upgraded suite. This 1:1 uncompressed video system is dual stream thus allowing for 3D effects to be in real time.  Powered by a MacIntosh G4 computer, it uses the Meridian capture card and has eight digital audio inputs and outputs. We have also added an Avid MC Express® suite for online and offline editing as well as multimedia production. 

Pan Am Communications now features three complete AVID editing suites. We have equipped the uncompressed  suite with 3D effects, digital Betacam input and output and DAT digital audio. Our other two suites offer component Betacam SP input and output. The MC Express suite also offers SVHS input and output. Working in the digital domain, the Avid can produce high-end effects and sharp images that are impossible to attain in a tape-based editing system. Your project retains the crispness and quality of the original film or video. Each Avid system is equipped with the latest Avid release, and is updated on a regular basis. Working with the Avid non-linear system enhances our ability to realize your creative ideas.

Avid System #1 - Uncompressed

Avid Media Composer® 1000 XL
Uncompressed Video

Macintosh G4
Meridian Capture Card
Sony Digital Betacam DVW-A500
2 - 21" View Sonic Monitors &
Sony 21" digital monitor

$300 per hour

Avid System #2 - 3D Enhanced

Avid Media Composer® 1000
Supporting AVR up to 77
Avid 3D Media Processor
Sony Betacam SP
Swappable media storage
Photoshop and After Effects
2 - 21" Mitsubishi Monitors &
Sony 21" studio monitor

$200 per hour

Avid System #3 - MC Express

Avid MC Express®

Targa 1000 Pro

Sony Betacam SP

Swappable media storage

Photoshop and After Effects

$100  per hour



Please call us so we can help you take advantage of the latest in editing technology.

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